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The History of Llechwen Hall

A 17th century Welsh Long House with a story to tell.

First built in the 17th Century as a family residence, if the walls could talk at Llechwen Hall there's no doubt that there would be many great stories to tell. Over the years the hotel has managed to piece together a few insights into the history of the hall from its early days as a family home, right up until today as a well established country house hotel, which is now busy making a history of its own!
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A Home, A School, A Jail, A Pub...

Our earliest records date back to 1720 where the hall was first purchased by the Thomas family and used as a private mansion. Ownership passed from generation to generation and the Thomas family used Llechwen Hall as their home right up until 1938. During this time the out-building to the hall, now named "The Jailhouse" was also reputed to be used as a stopover prison by the local magistrates.

During the World War II, the many invasions from the east coast of England forced a school in Kent to be evacuated to South Wales, choosing their new residence at Llechwen Hall. The building was used as a successful school for many years and even after the war ended, the school never went back!

In the years running up to the establishment of a hotel, Llechwen Hall's other uses included a pub and nightclub where the local Banger Racing Club used the surrounding fields as their place to race their cars and then retreat to the inviting pub after a good days racing.
Llechwen Hall Becomes a Hotel

Soon enough the Llechwen Hall pub became run down and almost derelict until 1988 when the Huber family and their partners bought Llechwen Hall with the view to restore the hall back to its' former glory and open it as a hotel, which they did two years later in 1990.

The Llechwen Hall Country House Hotel opened with 12 individually designed bedrooms and an exquisite French restaurant, with Mr Huber as the hotel's head chef. Mr Huber trained in Switzerland working in Zurich and brought his style of cuisine to Llechwen Hall, where you could enjoy dishes such as oven-baked snails as well as a traditional Welsh Menu.

By 1998 the Huber family had just finished building an extension to the hotel, named "The Coach House". The extension added 8 large bedroom suites making the Llechwen Hall a twenty bedroom hotel, which it still is today.

In 2001 the hotel changed hands to the Ryder family who ran the hotel successfully until the current owners took over in 2008. Since then, Llechwen Hall has been transforming into a luxurious Country House Hotel. Additions include a magnificent Garden Marquee overlooking the Welsh Valleys below and an award winning restaurant set in a stunning orangery. Today the hotel continues to grow, slowly becoming one of the biggest unkept secrets in the heart of the Cynon Valley.
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